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Think Prevention for Good Mental and Physical Health:
This is about strategizing in advance about how to stay optimally healthy in this period of time. It includes making real choices.

  1. Who will actually be in your delivery room.
    • Be honest and clear and compassionate to those you invite in or exclude
    • If you choose not to have your mother-in-law or mother-ask them to make a tape with positive warm messages.
    • Create a relaxation tape from your favorite friends or psychologist
  2. Decide not to listen to negative stories; ask people for positive helpful guidance on what you can do.
  3. Create expectations of a healthy delivery
    • Reduce fear and regard pain in labor as "transitional constructive information"(Dr. Northrup, Mother Daughter Wisdom) not sickness.
  4. Find excellent sources of support in books and the internet
  5. Get whatever help you need to quit smoking, drinking, using medication, beginning exercise or following improved nutritional guidelines.
  6. Create Strategies for prevention or recognition of Postpartum Mood Disorders
    • It is important to figure out what is a normal and temporary response and that which has to be professionally recognized and treated (through exercise, cognitive behavioral therapy, stress reduction training, and possibly medication.) The symptoms include difficulty in sleeping and appetite, feelings of failure-guilt- and worthlessness, difficulty making decisions, impatience and irritability.
      • Planning in advance that friends will continually check in on you
      • Get tangible services beforehand with meals and housework
      • Find internet chat addresses
  7. Be verbal about the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia to family, friends, and the workplace: it takes a village... choose to think of low blood sugars as information and a positive consequence of tight control

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