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Think, Write, and Laugh Yourself to Health: Diabetes and Coping

We need to recognize that there are the creative and right brain aspects of living with a chronic illness. It goes beyond the “knowledge” of “knowing” what to do to take care of oneself and empowers the individual with the “emotional” skills for follow through and stress reduction.

The following are two components facilitating good personal care-taking:

How we look at things, cognitive behavioral therapy is an adjunct to health care.

Positive Reframing:
Blood sugar numbers are just numbers not indictments. Let them bring you information and direction.

Positive Self-Talk:
I am still a good person even though I resent people who don’t have diabetes.

Research on writing about one's diagnosis (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis) shows reduced depression and pain.

One does not have to have "talent" or write well in order to receive benefits from writing. If I ever write another book, it will be called The average man’s guide to writing average poetry. The gift of writing things is to make you aware of what you are feeling, find release of otherwise difficult emotions, problem solve situations, and pure lovely distraction.
You can journal, write free verse (short sentences, no punctuation, the ability not to write clearly!), parody (“We are Siamese, if you please/We have diabetes, we are not pleased) and or try haiku (Three short lines of 5/7/5 syllables for each - about everyday things that do not rhyme and give a memorable image in three lines.)

The following are some examples I have written to inspire you to do the same…

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