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Please don’t expect depression. Do know, however, that if you are depressed, IT IS TREATABLE.(exercise, psychotherapy, improved blood sugar control, medication..or any combination of these.)

Depression can be the result of events in your life(psychological and social) uncontrolled blood sugars(physical) or a genetic inheritance. There is a co-occurrence of depression and diabetes (Depression occurs in more women than men and also effects 15% of the population with diabetes).

It is important to distinguish between sadness that effects everyone from time to time to clinical depression which occurs for most of the day for longer than a two week period of time as well as results in dysfunction in diabetes care, work, and family life. It is accompanied by changes in eating and sleeping patterns, feelings of guilt, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness ,an inability to concentrate, and thoughts or attempts to commit suicide. It is a serious illness that family members cannot “talk” you out of..and must be treated and diagnosed.

Treatment for depression helps people manage SYMPTOMS OF BOTH diseases
(psychotherapy, medication, exercise, cognitive therapy)

Cognitive factors in depression:
Pessimistic ideas(“What’s the use? No matter what I try. I’ve tried everything.)
Unrealistic expectations(expect perfection..the 5 days of good blood sugars don’t count)

  • Overly critical self-evaluations (“I messed up. I always mess up.”)
  • Distinguishing minor vs. major issues
  • Negative self-talk
  • Automatic negative thoughts
  • Overgeneralizing or catastrophizing


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