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Welcome to DiabetesPsyche-Dr. Wendy.com!

I am Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport and I have worked as a social worker and psychologist specializing in diabetes for twenty-eight years. That makes me old, a bit wise, and very appreciative of my patients who have shown me courage, resiliency, and determination in the face of diabetes and all its challenges...

I started working with the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami Medical School, beginning under Dr. Jay Skyler,when he was one of the first physicians to recognize that there was an emotional and behavioral aspect to the management of diabetes. The world is slowly catching up to realizing that knowing what you have to do to take care of yourself is not nearly as difficult as being able to do it everyday!

While I always encourage people that whenever possible "Just do it", I think most of us need some guidance and support beyond that. People without diabetes can feel loneliness, anger, guilt, and shame or use denial, rebellion or secrecy. The addition of diabetes to your daily life increases the likelihood of complex emotions. My goal here is to help you recognize these normal and demanding feelings and then move past them to do better. Hopefully my book, When Diabetes Hits Home; the Whole Family's Guide to Living Well With Diabetes, articles, motivational CD, humorous chapbook on coping with life (On the Couch with the "Good Enough" Poet), attitudinal adjustment blog and podcasts will help you on the way to feeling and doing better with diabetes. I will be holding an "Ask the Expert" chat, where you can sign in and discuss specific topics on the challenges of diabetes.

This is not in lieu of the advice of the physician or a mental health professional but rather a place to help you in the process of getting and staying motivated in your "job" of taking care of yourself and your diabetes.


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