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About Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport


  • University of Miami School of Medicine, Diabetes Research Institute, Eleanor & Joseph Kosow Diagnostic & Treatment Center
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Individual, marital, family and group therapy for patients with diabetes and their families. Health Instructor, lay and professional groups; Research and publication
  • Private Practice, Boca Raton, Florida
    Clinical Psychologist
    Special practice emphasis on patients (and family members) who are coping with
    Chronic illnesses.
  • University of Maine Graduate School of Social Work
    Assistant Professor
    Group therapy techniques: Strategies and skills in health and mental health settings.
  • Center for Disease Control, Diabetes Advisory Council
    Clinical Representative
    National policy-making directives for diabetes care research and practice.
  • Miles Pharmaceutical (Bayer Pharmaceutical) National “Empowerment” Program
    Facilitator for nurses, dietitians, physicians
    Workshops, seminars on teaching patients, doctors, dietitians and nurses: group counseling skills; coping skills training for self, patients, families, and peer group; working with difficult or nonadherent patients; skills for the team approach; family dynamics; humor as coping; diabetes and eating disorders; weight control management


Nova University - Psychology Doctorate (Psy.D) 1988
Barry College - Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) 1976
University of Miami - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) 1969
George Washington University - Undergraduate Studies 1965-66


Florida Licensed Clinical Psychologist (1991)
Maine Licensed Social Worker (1991)
L.C.S.W. Nationally Licensed Social Worker (1991)
A.C.S.W. Academy of Certified Social Workers (1981)
Florida Licensed Clinical Social Worker (1979)


American Psychological Association (A.P.A.)
A.C.S.W. Academy of Certified Social Workers
N.A.S.W. National Association of Social Workers
The South Florida Behaviorist Society (American Psychological Association)
Center for Disease Control, Translation Diabetes Advisory Program (1991-94)
American Diabetes Association National Recognition Committee (1987-89)
American Diabetes Association National Committee, Professional Education
Committee (1983-86)
American Diabetes Association, Florida Affiliate, Board of Directors (1983-86)
American Diabetes Association, Greater Miami Chapter, Board of Directors (1986)
Central Agency for Jewish Education, Greater Miami Jewish Federation (1977)
The Committee of Individual and Health Services, Greater Miami Jewish Federation


Eli Lilly (1995)
Squibb-Novo, Inc., Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes in Relation to Novopen and
Multiple Daily Insulin Injections (1987-present)
Miles Pharmaceutical Sponsored “Empowerment” Training, April 2-5, 1992
Squibb-Novo, Inc., Patient Attitudes Toward Human Insulin Use (1985-86)


University of Miami Medical School Health and Human Values Leader
Paraprofessional training for Support Group Leaders for Community Diabetes
Support Groups in Southeast Florida
North Carolina Camp for Children with Diabetes, Staff Social Worker (1977-85)
Editorial Board: Diabetes 83 through Diabetes 86
Faculty ASIDE program, psychosocial instruction for diabetes educators
Reviewer: Diabetes Care, Spectrum, and Journal of Pediatric Psychology
Editorial Board, Spectrum (1991-93)
EDAP- Eating disorders awareness prevention
Mental Health Association, Program Committee (2003 until present)

PUBLICATIONS (Citrin, Satin, Rapaport)

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    Intervention,” Postgraduate Medicine: A Special Report, Oct 1989, 25-41.
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    Diabetes Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Mellitus (Brink, S Editor) 1987.
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